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Air Conditioner Installation

Serving In Orange County

Not sure how to add air conditioner to your central heating system? Maybe your old A/C system is out of order and you are looking for a reliable contractor to install your new equipment? Then stop here and find out about our great deal.

Before we move on to a specific proposal for the installation of an air conditioning system, you should know that our company specializes in the replacement and installation of cooling equipment. We have been providing installation services to other HVAC companies for a long time and are therefore able to offer the best price on the market.

Trane AC Installation Ductless AC system Installation

What Can We Install

The Whole Central Systems Evaporator Coils Outside A/C Condenser Ductless Mini Splits Downflow or Side Discharge Packages Swamp Coolers Refrigerant Line Set Primery and Secondary Drain line High and Low Electric Current Connection Attic Fan

What Guarantees Are Given

There are no miracles. Your new air conditioning system will work properly and for a long time if it is correctly installed and adjusted. The HVAC Experts® pros have installed over five thousand new air conditioners. In addition, our company carries out additional quality control of installations, which guarantees compliance with all requirements of state licensing authorities. In this regard, we can provide an extended warranty for the equipment we have installed before the end of its useful life.

Best Offers

$4999 Full System


$3490 AC System


$2990 Mini Splits


$4590 Package Rooftop


$2790 AC Condenser

License CA #1012417

Deals Include

Don't worry, we work at no extra charge. We offer you a fair deal and, like real gentelmen, we will include everything in it. Howerer, we will indicate the following information on the invoice. Parts replased: Equipment Installation Parts Delivery Disposal

Brands That We Install

How Long Does It Take?

Central HVAC - 8 hours AC System - 6 hours AC Condencer - 4 hours

Installation Requirements

The installation instructions contain all the basic requirements for the correct installation of new equipment. The list includes all factors affecting the performance of the air conditioning system in the future. At the same time, our installer pays attention to all details, from the foundation for the outdoor unit to the insulation and refinement of the air ducts. We pay special attention to connection to electricity and gas.

Additional Services





We Can Offer a Lifetime Warranty

Money Back Guarantee

We have no doubts about the quality of your installations and are confident that you will not need our services such as money back. Nevertheless, for your complete peace of mind, we are ready to offer you it.

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