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A/C Maintenance

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By installing a central air conditioning system, you can enjoy a comfortable climate in your home. But let's talk about this. You are constantly changing the oil in your car. So you are also required to maintenance your A/C.

By giving your equipment one hour twice a year, HVAC Experts® technicians will double or triple the life of your air conditioning system. We use a dedicated 24-point guide to fully test the cooling system.

What Do We Offer

One-time Maintenance Plan Permanent Maintenance Plan
A/C Maintenance Orange County Bryant Evaporator Coils Service

What Will We Check

Evaporator Coils Drain Line Refrigerant Level Subcooling Compressor Fan Motor Leak Inspection Fuses Control Board Contactor Thermostat Airflow Filter

Why Is It

The fact is that a problem detected in time prevents the start of a series of breakdowns in your air conditioner. Accordingly, the low cost of maintenance allows you to save your budget in the future. In addition, the A/C system usually fails during the hottest period of time, which means that the lack of coolness can negatively affect the health of your family.

Cost of Plans

$89 On-time Price


$169 Annual Plan


$449 Plan For 3 years

License CA #1012417


Each client who ordered air conditioning system maintenance is given a coupon for 20% discount for repairs or 10% for new equipment. But that's not all. In addition, the technicians: Refueling Freon Advise on Operation Change Filter

Brands We Serve

What Is Included in The Annual Plan

Two-time Visit One Free Service Call

Still in Doubt?

Of course, the financial costs are probably embarrassing, but based on years of experience, we can confidently state that investments such as maintaining the air conditioning system pay off several times in the long term.

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