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Serving All Southern California

Our company provides air conditioning repair and replacement services. HVAC Experts® experienced and dedicated team of maintenance professionals, engineers, repairmen, and tech personnel are here to help you breathe easier and cleaner.

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We specialize in repairing, installing, replacing, and servicing all models of air conditioning units. For homes, offices, hospitals, and more, trust us to supply the top AC repair service in all of Southern California.

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We pride ourselves as the reliable ac repair service in all of Southern California, backed by customer testimonials, repeat business, and of course, word of mouth. Our faithful relationships build quickly, with a team that combines years of repair experience with knowledge and education about repairing air conditioning units.

  • $99 Charge Freon
  • $149 Minor Repair
  • $199 Parts Replacement
  • $999 Install Full A/C System
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Air Condition Installation

Our fully licensed installers will help keep your indoor environment safe and comfortable. Whether residential or business, we can confidently install any central AC system.

Air Condition Maintenance

Do you need an AC maintenance to keep your family or employees cool in Southern California’s warm climate? We perform AC system maintenance from start to finish.

Duct Working Service
Duct Working

The ductwork in your building or residence requires replacement as well as thorough cleaning. This keeps the air quality safe for everyone, especially those with allergic conditions.


Most thermostats are housed on the interior on a wall where it’s easily accessible to program and set the temperature. We repair and install digital and smart thermostats.

The Factors Affecting The Cost of Repairing

Every AC repair has its own unique challenges which affect the cost of the job. The most impactful cost factors for an AC repair include:

  • Part repairs & replacements: Your AC repair will sometimes require a new part. Other times just cleaning or repairing the part will do the trick. We look for the most affordable fix first.
  • Your AC’s warranty status: Replacement parts and labor are covered under separate warranties. Labor warranties from other companies tend to last between 1-5 years, and parts warranties from the manufacturer about 10. 
  • The age of the AC system: AC systems past the age of 10 need repairs more often. And because parts warranties tend to drop off after the ten year mark, most homeowners are forced to pay the full cost of the repair. 
Professional AC Repair

These Parts Often Break

Our team can diagnose your air conditioning repair issue and let you know in plain terms how we can fix it, what materials would be needed, and approximately how long it would take.

  • Motor Run Capacitors
  • Condenser Fan Motors
  • Compressors
  • TXV Kit 
  • Suction Valves
  • Drain Line
  • Dryer Filters
  • Motor Start Capacitors
  • Circuit Breakers 
  • Wires Low Voltage
  • UV Light
  • Relays
  • Pressure Switches
  • Refrigerant